Laura Schaposnik
Laura Schaposnik
Photography of Oxford

Laura Schaposnik

Photography of Oxford

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About Me

Laura Schaposnik (25) is a graduate student at Oxford University, reading for a D.Phil. in Mathematics. In her spare times, Laura tries to capture the life surrounding her in pictures.

Some of the photographs have won honorable mentions at the EverymanPhotoContest and the National University of La Plata (Argentina) photographic competition. Finally, in 2011 she was given a Cultural Award from New College, Oxford, to support her photography.

Photography of Oxford

This Portfolio is dedicated to a collection of the photos I have taken at Oxford since 2008. It has been inspired by a current charity project Laura is involved with, Oxbrige Callendars.

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General Photography

If you would like to see other types of photos, take a look at my Photography Portfolio.

You can also see my work since 2004 at Deviantart:

lauchapos at deviantart


If you would like to buy prints of the photos displayed here, you can do so in the following link Prints
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